Taha Azzaoui

The Binary Bomb: Part 1


Alright, let’s do this.

Let’s start by using objdump to disassemble our binary into its original assembly. The command objdump -d ./bomb > ouput.txt will place the resulting assembly into a file by the name of output.txt.

Using the symbols as a guide, our initial analysis leads us to the function phase_1.

The Solution

Phase one is fairly straight forward. We can tell from the assembly that the bomb is comparing user input against a predetermined string, and blowing up if the two strings are unequal. The important part is on the fourth line, where the operand of the movl instruction is the memory address containing the predetermined string. We turn to GDB to view the contents of memory at that address.

After starting the bomb inside of GDB, we can set a break-point at phase_1 using the command break phase_1. We then run the program, entering an arbitrary test string when prompted for input. Once we reach the break-point, we can execute the command disas to view the instruction next up for execution. Note that the memory address of interest is at +6. We view the string at this location as follows.

That was easy! The string is right there in plain sight. Phase one is now complete. Let's move on to phase two, where things start to become nontrivial.

Sidenote: the string we found is a quote attributed to former Vice-President Dan Quayle

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